Oh, how I miss you so!

Western Costume. I suppose that there are spaces that people imagine hold all of the answers to a multitude of questions… alien landings, where the Holy Grail is stored, the street address that Elvis currently lives on… But for me, the space where my historical imagination made manifest is Western Costume.

Redux with The Favourite and Sandy Powell

Museum reproduction or service to the script? Pardon????? I’m confused… I thought this post was about the costumes in this movie. This is neither bait and switch, nor loquacious speech that you have to wade through before you get to the damn recipe. (We’ve been there too often, right?) Bear with me, because I do…

Inside The Lives Of Entertainment Riggers: Tora La Rosa

TheatreArtLife has connected with a number of Entertainment Riggers across the globe to bring you their stories, experience and advice on the very crucial roles and responsibilities Riggers hold in today’s industry. Tora La Rosa is currently based in Montreal but this woman is truly a global rigger, having taken projects in some of the…

Red and Circle Mirror Transformation

After a series of terrific preliminary design meetings for two senior project plays directed by Donovan Olsen and Anthony Reale, we send out into the ether our excitement to support the vision that these designers and directors are working so hard to craft!

A Tale of Donations

So often the tale of donations in a costume shop is the tale of sadness. Throughout the years I’ve gotten so many donations from friends and family of clothing and accessories belonging to a loved one recently passed. Universally, these friends and family donate to extend the life of these garments and for them to…