Whitman College’s Department of Theatre and Dance is proud to welcome Alexis Black of Intimacy Directors International (IDI) for a master class in intimacy direction.

There is a growing—and urgent—need in the theatre industry to create safer, more respectful working environments. The role of an Intimacy Director or Intimacy Choreographer is increasingly valued in the rehearsal and production process. This master class will demonstrate an intensive introduction to best practices and recommended working conditions for safe on-stage intimacy through discussion…

Snowpiercer: Q&A with Costume Designer Catherine George

Catherine George: “We had a lot of fun with Mason and at one point during Tilda’s fitting we also gave her a bit of a hump like one of our reference pictures, but with the false teeth, the glasses, wig and sagging breasts, the hump had to go.” —My favorite line in this interview Snowpiercer: Q&A…

Oh, how I miss you so!

Western Costume. I suppose that there are spaces that people imagine hold all of the answers to a multitude of questions… alien landings, where the Holy Grail is stored, the street address that Elvis currently lives on… But for me, the space where my historical imagination made manifest is Western Costume.

Redux with The Favourite and Sandy Powell

Museum reproduction or service to the script? Pardon????? I’m confused… I thought this post was about the costumes in this movie. This is neither bait and switch, nor loquacious speech that you have to wade through before you get to the damn recipe. (We’ve been there too often, right?) Bear with me, because I do…

If Beale Street Could Talk

From the Costume Institute of the African Diaspora… We did not shy away from color and the color is dialed up in the movie, absolutely. Read about the costume design for If Beale Street Could Talk here: Update 1/3/19-And again via Hollywood Reporter here: Costume designer Caroline Eselin-Schaefer and costume illustrations courtesy of Robin Richesson.