Sneak Peek

Smarmy professor, Regency style. #Frankenstein

Life Is a Dream concept collage

I’ve always been an active dreamer. I don’t mean visions for my future, but actual dreams at night. My dreams have always been in a strange narrative style, with the depth and complexity of a movie. I see details, textures, composed shots and wish I had the time to record them in the same detail…

Oh, how I miss you so!

Western Costume. I suppose that there are spaces that people imagine hold all of the answers to a multitude of questions… alien landings, where the Holy Grail is stored, the street address that Elvis currently lives on… But for me, the space where my historical imagination made manifest is Western Costume.

Couldn’t we all use a chatelaine?

I… CAN explain… Why I hear the name of this item from fashion history and, instead, this voice / song swells in my mind palace… Please know that I am working to keep my tendency to digress at a minimum, but also working to keep my tendency to “K.D. Lang free associate” to a minimum…

What is a patten? (Or a bit of the old to take you into the new year)

If we travel through time moving backwards from today, we have to begin with golashes to end with pattens. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, golashes are: waterproof shoes, usually made of rubber, which you wear over your ordinary shoes to prevent them from getting wet. Perhaps you’ve seen these in a thrift store, vintage store,…