Life Is a Dream concept collage

I’ve always been an active dreamer. I don’t mean visions for my future, but actual dreams at night. My dreams have always been in a strange narrative style, with the depth and complexity of a movie. I see details, textures, composed shots and wish I had the time to record them in the same detail when I wake up before they slip away…
Even more interesting is that the detail and complexity of dreamed storyline intensifies when I’m not creative enough in my own life.
After reading the chosen translation and prior to our initial meeting about Life Is a Dream, I kept seeing an image like this in my mind; in black and white.

Cracked growth lines in shades of gray on a black and white tree stump.
I also think that because I just finished a guest lecture on shadow puppets, parts of the lecture where I spoke about the connections of shadow pre-dating the narrative of Plato’s cave peeked through; woven connections that travel back beyond recorded time to spaces where early humans traced shadows, capturing both image and spirit. The thought of the mutability of shadows, both representing the thing while creating space for viewer interpretation walked through the script into my dreams.

During my conceptual exploration for the play, I came upon Manolo Millares. Self taught, surrealist then abstract, artist deconstructing both canvas and utilizing assemblage in the creation of his works.

“‘Deep down I continue being there, at the bottom of the Earth, and I believe that that is the place which never I had to leave ‘, affirmed Millares. His painting has a certain shade of ‘human archaeology’, a tool that penetrates into the nature of the human being,”

Manolo Millares Cuadro 74, 1959

Dream+script+fractured growth rings+ shadow+Millares+ a side of German expressionism (?)=concept collage






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  1. Would that the dream matched the reality…


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