A Tale of Donations

So often the tale of donations in a costume shop is the tale of sadness. Throughout the years I’ve gotten so many donations from friends and family of clothing and accessories belonging to a loved one recently passed. Universally, these friends and family donate to extend the life of these garments and for them to be of use to someone in a place that they know, instead of gifting out into the ether.

But the sad tale of these families isn’t the intent of this post… it is a tale of intentions. A tale of donations. A tale of kindness with a humorous and dear bit of agenda on the backend. Perhaps I should lighten it up with once upon a time?

Once upon a time, in a semester far, far away…

Let’s be realistic. It was the Fall of 2018.

Anyway, I arrived at the costume shop, unlocked the door and was met with this duo:

Strangely, wonderfully random on a Fall day. I mean, how many of you out there wouldn’t want to go into your place of employ, and find this? Makes you feel as though you have to slip in a #Blessed.

After reconciling my surprise (and frankly confusion from the randomness), I saw the note:

Dear Annalise,(sp)

Here is yet another pair of “Boots”

I’ve been trying to encourage the mounting of this play “Kinky Boots”

This is the second pair I’ve donated one pair a much larger was over the knee.





Wonderful and dear?


Donation with agenda. But I think the interesting point of this is planting a seed. There are so many ways of doing things in this world where we force a change or me try to get things done by hopping from point A to Point B. But sometimes the smart way is just dropping an idea. Letting it grow. And I can tell you that if anybody suggests kinky boots as a show for the future, I am ready and willing with two sets of boots in the advanced march.


May I also say on the back end of this post how grateful I am that these sparkling confections were a size 8 1/2, “forcing” me to delegate their trying on…

And the requisite walk.

Slay, Haley. Slay.

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