Part 2, Project Runway, Walla Walla edition…

To recap, my astute readers, we left off going through stock and donated wedding dresses and found the following:

Yep. We have an Austin Scarlett. Who? You know…Austin Scarlett. A Project Runway Season 1/Project Runway All-Stars…

The hair swoop now paired with that mustache!

Attention must be paid. Right?

Reverence must be given. Right? The past is immutable. A fixed point. Unable to be changed. Set upon high for reverence. “Saved for good” as so many relations might say. Or…

The calm before the storm…


Shatter conventions with the unconventional.

If you can’t hear the soundtrack of the video above…

Phoenix from the flame, baby.

The world is ours to shape and reshape. 

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