Project Runway, Walla Walla edition…

A theatre’s costume shop is powered by donations, always with the best of intentions. Sometimes it is a personal downsizing, sometimes it is a loved one suffering from a loss that wants to gift their clothing to a known space for their things too live anew. Sometimes, as is the gift of a small town, a donor is inspired by something the shop needs in the upcoming season, and that donor goes wild with “helping”.

Two words—Big Love.

Two more words—bridal dresses.

Six total? From the end of the Spring 2018 semester until today, six dresses donated by a very kind and enthusiastic donor. We find ourself going through both new and old stock of wedding dresses, measuring gems here and there, and finding:

Hello, David’s Bridal!
Audrey Hepburn gone so terribly, terribly awry?
The dream of the 90’s is alive in Walla Walla….
Ah, Santee Alley.

But what do we have here????…

Do you know? Do you remember?

Do you remember? Season 1 Project Runway? When it was all new and shiny and so edge of you seats? The show that opened the door to my mother asking why I didn’t try out. (Mother, again, I am no longer a student but a professor…)

Design for a ballet, look like a toreador.

Project Runway where the runner up and framed to be “villain” because she dared to buck the convention that middle aged + mother + designer didn’t mean she had to be caring nurturer. Lady came to win, any way and every way.

Without apology.

But I digress….back to Walla Walla, HJT and the Costume Shop.

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